Mistakes Come With the Territory -the Beagle

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Mistakes come with the territory, I mean working in water colours from life demands all my attention and all my knowledge of dog anatomy, and more time looking than painting. Once the brush hits the page, I’m committed, no turning back. NO forgiveness in this media! Painting the spirit of an animal is like painting the wind, accuracy comes from years of experience with a brush and with the subject at hand, but painting the spirit comes from the heart. While at the Picton Dog Park yesterday, I spotted this happy-go-lucky Beagle bouncing around (nothing happier than a Beagle) and at first I wanted to document the dog’s spots in the correct positions, and the exact colour of his markings, but something inside said paint happiness, paint joyfulness… who cares where the spots are located! The grin, the tongue, the squinting eyes say more than some spots in the right places… more than the legs in the right positions, more than the tail the right length! Unexpected spots and dripped paint are all part of the finished water colour done from life, but I am learning to paint the spirit first and foremost… for without that, the painting lacks life itself.

Joyful Beagle water colour painting by Mia Lane

Joyful Beagle by Mia Lane -original 5"x7" water colour on paper $100, $150 framed


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