Comet Over Lake Clear

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During my week long painting trip up north, several artists challenged each other to paint a nocturne (night scene painted from life). After painting The Hand of God that afternoon I was inspired to paint the same landscape again that night, just as the orange moon came over the horizon around 9:30pm. With flashlight in one hand, brush in the other, and my painting board laid flat on a picnic table, I scurried to capture the scene as best I could with the makeshift light and the rapidly changing, rising moon. After it was completed (I spent about 25 min.on it) a comet streaked across the sky, and with a quick little brush stroke, the painting came to life!

Comet Over Lake Clear -Nocturne 8"x10" original Alkyd on panel, plein air by Mia Lane

Comet Over Lake Clear -Nocturne 8″x10″ original Alkyd on panel, plein air by Mia Lane


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