Alpine Dairy Goats

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Years ago my husband and I were shepherds, of sheep and goats. The goat world is an entirely separate culture from the rest of society and even apart from the general farm culture; from a lot of hobbyists who own just one or two goatsĀ  up to the full-time goat milk or meat producers with hundreds of animals. We were somewhere in between, having upwards of 30 milking goats which we showed, milked and bought and sold breeding stock to and from all over North America. Those of us who showed their animals at fairs cultivated an eye for the breed standards of which this artwork is about, depicting the Alpine dairy goat buck (never called a billy) with the ideal show conformation (similar to a dog show but the judge always has to give the audience his reasons for placing each contestant). While you may not be able to appreciate his lovely top-line, his deep barrel and how the shoulders blend smoothly into his sharp whithers, maybe you can identify with his caring, protectiveness of the little kid, safe under his watchful eye…if left to grow up in their family’s herd, goats are very family oriented, and are very fond of their owners too.

Alpine Buck and Kid -open edition print

Alpine Buck and Kid -open edition print 7″ x9.5″ $35


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