Mia Lane with painting

Mia Lane hard at work

Studying and painting plein air for the past seven years has had a significant impact on Lane’s previously traditional style art work, resulting in a more painterly, looser style, although her more recent work is revealing yet another transition which Mia describes as her metaphorical landscapes; re-creations of her plein air landscapes, rich in symbolism and metaphors. In 2010 she launched a very successful major exhibition called “Charades”, an exploration and thought-provoking show of her newest work (see link below).

Some highlights of her career include: WPBS TV (Watertown, NY) produced a documentary called “The Artist Naturalist: Mia Lane” ; Lane’s art work has raised funds for numerous charities, particularly conservation groups such as DU and the OFAH;  Lane’s originals were included in an exhibition of Canadian art in Japan in conjunction with the opening of the new Canadian Consulate;  and her work has been featured on Canadian Postage stamps and Provincial conservation stamps.

Mia Lane graduated  from Sheridan College  in Graphic Design-Illustration and then worked as a graphic designer for a conservation organization. She has been a full time fine artist since 1984.
Galleries: home studio, Demorestville; Gallery-on-the-lake, Buckhorn, ON.

Mia’s ever evolving art work is an exploration of the natural world around her, some painted plein air, others created in the studio from field sketches combined with her photography, life experiences and lots of imagination. Landscapes, organic forms and animal imagery comprise the nucleus of her work and then she may select from any variety of mediums,  from oils to a wide gamut of the new acrylics to pen or etching, to best express the metaphors and stories within.