Water Colour Sketches

    Brush With a Tail began in Aug 2012 with a desire to get out of the studio and paint animals from life instead of working from my photographs in the studio. It has proven to be more challenging than I thought, and much more rewarding being more engaged with my subject and the owners of the animals. It forces me to look at what is really important, seeing a deeper connection with my art, and more life in it. Since then, it has grown into a love for doing these spontaneous little sketches in landscapes and other animals too.

    While out painting landscapes together, an artist friend encouraged me to paint the wind, not the trees. Paint the wind and the trees will manifest. Paint the spirit of the animal and the animal will appear. I am essentially learning to paint "spirit dogs"! I hope you enjoy the spontaneity and life in my little water colours!

    Thank you to all those wonderful dog and cat owners who have given me the privilege of painting your incredible animals! Your patience and warm hospitality and co-operation has made this all possible.

    Please contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing any of these paintings or wish to have me paint your pet!