Charades Exhibition

    Mia Lane's solo art exhibition called “Charades” is an astonishing examination of our changing environment through surreal imagery, with an in-depth look at the artist’s process.

    Mia Lane invites us to “play along” with her Charades and to explore the inspiration, the sketches and the finished paintings in a solo exhibition, two years in the making.

    Mia is internationally known for her highly detailed and accurate animal art, but this exhibition is a radical departure for this artist. Mia states that it all started with a plein air painting she made in Algonquin Provincial Park which became a virtual story-board of over one hundred line drawings. After an incredibly strange dream of Dragonflies on her head, Mia couldn’t help but to explore these new ideas and the concept of “what if….” Trees have morphed into hot air balloons or umbrellas; are ruthlessly chopped down or meticulously manicured; they are formed into hearts or praising hands, donuts or tossed into 'tree soup'.

    This exhibition is an interactive experiential show, which suggests that looking at paintings is like the game of Charades, where you reach inside yourself to discover what the works are saying to you. Mia shares her original sketches along side her finished paintings and provides the viewer with the opportunity to include his or her own interpretations or feelings which then become part of the exhibition. Engaging, fun and thought provoking, this is an art exhibition that youth as well as adults will enjoy.

    Charades was first exhibited in Gallery One, at the John M. Parrott Art Gallery and Library at 254 Pinnacle St. Belleville in March 2010. It is available to be exhibited in other galleries. Please contact Mia for more information.





    1. Donna Wiik
      March 19, 2012

      Illusions of time has become my new favorite painting of yours. Ofcourse, there are many that I like and have commented on in the past but this one just speaks to me. I dont know if it is all four seasons in one painting or what it is but I just love it. Loves the colors in Contrary as well.

    2. Mia Lane
      March 20, 2012

      Thanks Donna, this is one that happens to be my husband’s favorite as well…he doesn’t know why either! Before doing the sketch for this one, I asked myself, “What if the landscape could show all seasons at once?” as I was contemplating the original Algonquin sketch that started this exhibition. This is how I approached this series in the beginning, with numerous “what if” questions.

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