Living by a mysterious and seldom visited lake called Fish Lake, I find inspiration for my photography and sheer joy in exploring the marsh and swampland around it. With my Canon camera and sidekick French Spaniel ‘Siri’, I am on the lookout for those mythical creatures that abound deep in the swamp that no humans have ever seen except by myself… hobbit homes, marsh dragons, marsh dolphins, gargoyles, Fish Lake monsters and trolls to name a few. They can be found in almost every tree and rotting moss covered stump. Even my trusty companion Siri doesn’t see or smell them but she manages to find a lot of other creatures like frogs and turtles which are delightful too! Sometimes it just takes a small acorn seed placed in an eye socket to bring them to light (which I carry for such an event), and then sometimes a bit of creative digital work takes the viewer deeper into the world of my imagination.  I hope you enjoy these swamp images as much as I do and can appreciate a little bit more how amazing our vanishing wetlands are!